How do I start a veggie garden?

1. Determine where and what you would like to plant your veggies in.

2. Plan the veggies you want to plant; Burpee has great choices and deals going on all the time

3. Determine what, when, how many and where you want to plant your seeds

  • Some will need to be planted indoors first about 6 weeks – 2 months before the last frost in your zone (ex. tomatoes)
  • Others will be planted directed into the planter (ex. lettuce, radish, beets)

4. Water, de-weed and care for your seedlings until they produce and are ready for HARVESTing!

My plan for this blog, is to go through each of the above steps with examples and recommendations that I have learned in the 4 years I’ve been gardening.

Note that I am NOT an expert but love to share my learnings, and would like to keep learning from others too!