I always seem to forget how quickly cucumbers grow and how big the plant can get!

This year we built a cucumber trellis for the plants and I planted 12 seeds and all of them germinated. At first I thought it would be fine but over time I realized that I should probably have had 5-6 plants grow to their full size.

Some tips for growing cukes:

  • They like sun but don’t plant them in full all-day sun, give them some shade too.
  • They like to climb up a trellis that is at about a 45 degree angle and give them something to wrap their tendrils around like string or fencing.
  • They like water so be sure to keep them well hydrated so that you get nice even sized cukes. When they are dehydrated their fruit goes narrow and then when hydrated again, it widens so you land up with a cuke that is shaped more like a giant peanut!
  • Keep the nasty shield (stink bugs) off – I use diatomaceous earth or I pick them off by hand (gloved hand that is). These are one of the destructive ones and destroy tomatoes and cukes by sucking the juices out of them and leaving a bruise or mark that sometimes also causes the fruit to rot.

Then my favorite recipe is to peel the cuke, thinly slice it and some red onion, put some rice vinegar over it with salt and pepper and if you like spicy some hot pepper flakes. So delicious!